Monday, September 8, 2008

Real life happening!

I am so sorry i have not wrote in so long. We have just been incredibly busy with things in life! I did go to cvs yesterday though and I got
Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner
Paper Towels
Lorell Skin Genesis
Renewzint Tri Scents
Vitamins x 2
The Heat Gel that is the September deal
all for $8.00 oop and $5ECBS to roll.
I will take pictures and get back on track i promise. Just been super busy here!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Being Real

When I started this blog I said I had no real format and I would be blogging about real life and being frugal. Well today is a real life topic that God has been impressing upon my heart for quite a while. Being Real. What does it really mean? I just feel as I christian and a mom I sometimes struggle with acting like everything is perfect and I never have anything going on. That simply is not true. Real life happens!! We need a close circle of a few people that we can truly be real with. We also need to pray for guidance to be that type of friend. We need to have compassion and be people of substance. We need to call people and be there when we since they need encouragement even if they aren't yet willing to share what is going on. Just to say I love you dearly, I am here for you and I praying for you. I am really trying to be this type of friend and praying for more friends I can truly be real with. We all need that girl friend we can call and just talk about real life no judging, no sharing with anyone else, just being real! Today I want to challenge all of us to seek God and be this type of friend and if you need this type of friend don't hesitate asking God for it he cares! I am going to take this time to pray for myself and others.

Dear Jesus,
How I thank you for all my blessing! I am truly blessed beyond measure even when life gets hard help me hold fast to this. Lord I really want to be real with the relationships in my life. Give me disinterment and understanding for my friends. Help me be what you have called me to be. Help me show your love. Help me cleave to you in everything for understanding and wisdom. Lord you know what is going on with me right now and please comfort me and help me hear you. Lord I also pray that you send to me the type of friends I can be real with. All of us women need someone to be real with. Lord while this is on my mind it also relates to my child. Please help her grow into this type of woman. Help me be the mom she needs me to be at every stage. When she is grown help me be the mother that can be real with my adult daughter. Let the moms that are reading know how important this can be for us young adult daughters. Let them know we need our moms for support, Godly example, and friendship. Lord Help me seek you each and every day in all my decisions. I love you dearly! Lauren

Delight yourself always in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your hear. Psalms 37:4

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Shopping Sunday (Walmart and a Walgreens Deal)

I went to walmart with a list to buy quite a bit of stuff. I trying 5 brand new dinners this week so I bought some stuff out of the norm. I did not take a picture of my wal mart trip but my total was about $100 before coupons and price matches and I got it down to $65. This is not great but I needed a lot of non coupon items (like for instance carrots, potatoes, cream cheese,cheese, and so fourth) You get the idea! :) I will try to post pics next week though! :)
In case any of you were wondering what my menu will be this week I will share! :)

Monday- Broccoli Chicken Casserole
Tuesday-Taco Avocado wraps
Wednesday- Overnight Stuffed French Toast, Cheese Grit Casserole (from grits box), Cream Cheese Danish (from friend) I am having the in laws over
Thursday- Tasty Taco Bake
Friday- Country Potato Chowder
Saturday- Dinner with friends (cooking out)
Sunday- Eat a late lunch out after church so we will snack for dinner
* Unless noted the recipes can be found at

Ok moving on really quick before I have to go get Kaylee ready for bed. I don't usually shop at Walgreens but I always look through all the paper inserts on sunday. They are having BOGO on Glade Plug Ins and my paper had a BOGO for a glade plug in. I love plug ins but with our new budget don't usually buy them. But since they were bogo and i had a bogo coupon I only paid .71 for both plug ins!!!! (that is the sales tax in case you are wondering. ) Well I must go put my daughter in the bath and say prayers. I will be back soon! I hope you all have a great shopping week and please share your stories and advice with me. :0)
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My Shopping Sunday CVS

I have decided on Sunday to post my shopping experience and money spent and so fourth for the week (since i always do cvs on sundays and usually most of my grocery shopping as well).

My first stop for today was CVS and I apologize as I don't have my receipt right here so my totals may be off my a few cents but nothing major.

Transaction #1

1 zipfiz at 5.99
1 cotton swabs at .99
I used a 2/10(while I had said i wasn't going to use this i had 2 already printed and was expecting a 4/20 from cvs in my inbox which I never got so I just used these and will throw away that coupon if it comes in the next day or so)
1.00 of kotex
1.00 off playtex sport
6.00 ECBs
Spent 3.02 OOP and got 10.48 back in ECBS
Transaction #2
1 zipfiz at 5.99
1 milk at 4.49
1 bibs at 3.00 (for my daughter's prize. she loves real baby stuff for her babies)
1 paper towel .99
2 Ajax 1.79 (BOGO)
1 softener at 2.99
1 Arm and Hammer Detergent at 3.49
2/10 coupon
$1 0ff Arm and Hammer
10.48 ECBS from above
$12.00 oop (more than I would have liked to spend but i bought Kaylee a prize and a few things we really need)
I will have $5.99 ECBS for next week though!!
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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hello. I got an email about CVS and although I am new to cvsing I would love to explain how I do it.

First and for most go into cvs and sign up for an extra care card. It takes about 5 minutes and then you can begin your saving.

You can then start buying things and earning ecbs. *Tip* So i didn't have to spend money out of pocket I transferred a prescription from rite aid to cvs and got a $30 gift card. I found an ad in the paper for a $30 gc for transferring a prescription to ride aid and my cvs honored the coupon. So that is how I started cvsing a few weeks back. I have $5 ECBS from last week and will probably have to spend about $2-3 out of pocket this week to get about $6ecbs back. I am going to start taking pictures of my weekly cvs trip and explaining what i spent and what i got every Sunday or Monday.

Here are my scenarios for the week of 8/24
Kotex 16ct are going to be on sell for 1.49 with 1.49 back in ecbs
Rimmel makeup is on sale bogo
Arm and Hammer detergent is on sale for 3.99
Playtex gentle glide sport is 4.99 with $3ecbs
CVS hand sanitizers are buy 2 get 1ecb

so here is my plan
1. buy 1 pack of kotex @1.49 2 rimmel eyeshadows *see bottom note*
3. Buy 2 CVS hand sanitizers @1.59 each
4. Buy 1 playtex gentle glide @4.99
5. Buy arm and hammer detergent at 3.99
Coupons I will use:
$1 off kotex from all you (august issue) btw this is an awesome coupon magazine
Use BOGO Rimmel eyeshadow to make both eye shadows free (now the coupon says for
walmart but I am going to see if cvs will honor it)*
Use $1 off Arm and Hammer detergent ( I printed it from arm and hammer online)

The final verdict: I will spend $6ecbs and about $5 oop to earn 5.49 back in ecbs to use next week!!
*I could not buy the detergent and hardly spend any money oop but I could use the detergent and that is a great deal at 2.99!

*Note there is also a pdf file of Richmond parents with a printable 2/10 at cvs and I could use this but after reading the wording on the coupon I feel that I am being dishonest by using the coupon so I will not be using it*

I hope this is not ultra confusing for anyone and like i said at the beginning i am new to this as well but please email me with any questions and I will do my best of better explaining

BTW my email is

Coupon Giveaway Winner!

I want to congratulate Katie on winning my coupon giveaway! Thanks for participating and I hope you enjoy your coupons.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008