Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hello. I got an email about CVS and although I am new to cvsing I would love to explain how I do it.

First and for most go into cvs and sign up for an extra care card. It takes about 5 minutes and then you can begin your saving.

You can then start buying things and earning ecbs. *Tip* So i didn't have to spend money out of pocket I transferred a prescription from rite aid to cvs and got a $30 gift card. I found an ad in the paper for a $30 gc for transferring a prescription to ride aid and my cvs honored the coupon. So that is how I started cvsing a few weeks back. I have $5 ECBS from last week and will probably have to spend about $2-3 out of pocket this week to get about $6ecbs back. I am going to start taking pictures of my weekly cvs trip and explaining what i spent and what i got every Sunday or Monday.

Here are my scenarios for the week of 8/24
Kotex 16ct are going to be on sell for 1.49 with 1.49 back in ecbs
Rimmel makeup is on sale bogo
Arm and Hammer detergent is on sale for 3.99
Playtex gentle glide sport is 4.99 with $3ecbs
CVS hand sanitizers are buy 2 get 1ecb

so here is my plan
1. buy 1 pack of kotex @1.49 2 rimmel eyeshadows *see bottom note*
3. Buy 2 CVS hand sanitizers @1.59 each
4. Buy 1 playtex gentle glide @4.99
5. Buy arm and hammer detergent at 3.99
Coupons I will use:
$1 off kotex from all you (august issue) btw this is an awesome coupon magazine
Use BOGO Rimmel eyeshadow to make both eye shadows free (now the coupon says for
walmart but I am going to see if cvs will honor it)*
Use $1 off Arm and Hammer detergent ( I printed it from arm and hammer online)

The final verdict: I will spend $6ecbs and about $5 oop to earn 5.49 back in ecbs to use next week!!
*I could not buy the detergent and hardly spend any money oop but I could use the detergent and that is a great deal at 2.99!

*Note there is also a pdf file of Richmond parents with a printable 2/10 at cvs and I could use this but after reading the wording on the coupon I feel that I am being dishonest by using the coupon so I will not be using it*

I hope this is not ultra confusing for anyone and like i said at the beginning i am new to this as well but please email me with any questions and I will do my best of better explaining

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Wendy said...

Thanks! That helps a bunch! No one mentioned signing up for the card so I feel that I understand now.

Briana said...

Good job!!!! sounds like you are getting the hang of it!!!