Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Coupon Giveaway!!

This is my first time doing one of these since i am new to all of this. I would like to giveaway some pampers and huggies coupons and a few others that i will not use before they expire. I will close the bidding on August 21 at 9:00 cst. Thanks so much!
The coupons included are
.55 on thermacare 8/31/08
1.00 on ban 9/15/08
Huggies 1.50 off diapers x 2 10/03/08
$3 off lunch and $4 off dinner at red lobster 9/4/08
.50 off mr.clean wipes 8/31/08
1.50 of pampers 8/31/08
1.00 of luvs 3/31/09
1.00 off oaly quench hand and body lotion or mouse 8/31/08
1.00 off 2000 flushes automatic toilet bowl cleaner 11/30/08
2.00 off huggies little swimmers sun care product 10/03/08
1.25 off little swimers 10/03/08
15% off at children's place 9/2/08

Also be sure to visit http://newlyweds.wordpress.com/2008/08/19/25-cvs-giftcard-giveaway/ for an awesome $25 CVS giftcard!! I would love to have that wouldn't you?
Also visit http://savinmaven.typepad.com/the_savin_maven/ for another chance to win a $25 cvs card!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the giveaway! Good luck! Cute blog!


MrsAdams06 said...

Thanks for the giveaway!


Katie said...

Thanks for the giveaway. katie_mmartin at yahoo dot com.