Thursday, August 14, 2008


Kaylee will be spending the night with her lolly and pop tomorrow night. (aka my mom and dad) Jerry and I wanted a date night. However, since we are trying to stick to a budget we decided to forgo a nice restaurant meal that can cost us $70 or more especially with also catching a movie and stay in. Jerry wants to cook dinner (which I am super excited about since I usually cook) and watch a movie at home and have some true quality time. I have given him a budget of $35 (which will include a bottle of wine, whatever ingredients he needs for dinner, and a movie). While it is true we are still spending money it will defiantly save us at least half and will be something fun and different. While I am sure we will still dine out on some of our dates I am up for something new and it will be saving us money! :) Just thought I would share. Have a great night!

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